Gas Station Coffee

Convenience store clerks head nod there you are how they know me so far from Central California? bright lights late for work but these words snakecharm “Select” and “Premier” a hot cup for less than a dollar it’s not bad. Pam works the night shift, in an hour she’ll leave to take her daughter to…… Continue reading Gas Station Coffee

Private Lane

A sign signals exclusivity you’re not welcome at least for long you can u-turn that’s fine but don’t stay too long or ask about the history of the homes the land the living; for such a telling wants a longer road. The image “Park and picnic” by Kevin Dooley is made available via Creative Commons…… Continue reading Private Lane

Yellow, a ghazal

Skies and mountains, moons and suns have won my trust.  Tomorrow only always on my mind, it’s good, I trust.  Spinny doors somewhere else, in a city far, this is what people are  like pretty faces all around, beware of snakes and who to trust.  Soon, hoping for a break of time, a long empty stretch…… Continue reading Yellow, a ghazal

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