Time Travel

If I could time travel, what year would I travel to and why? This is a good question. I immediately think of movies and shows I’ve watched (Back to the Future, The Flash television series, the new Spiderman) where messing with the past may impact the future in ways we’ve not anticipated. There are so…… Continue reading Time Travel

When You Can’t Watch

A month or so ago I sat in church Sunday morning listening to my pastor give a sermon on Matthew 25. In this chapter, there are two parables that explain what it will be like when Jesus returns and what the kingdom of heaven is like. The two parables are the Parable of the Ten…… Continue reading When You Can’t Watch


I sat at a lake I do not care for very much writing letters to my lovely daughters. I receive letters from them often. Not through the mail. I’ll receive them when I pick them up or drop them off. Sometimes they’re addressed to Daddy but recently they’ve been addressed to Paparonni. Sometimes they have…… Continue reading Cursive


This post originated as a response I contributed to on a Facebook Friend’s page. Later I thought of a couple more things to add so this is a revised version. * One valuable and precious insight I have gained over the past year as my two olders reach their teen years is the importance of…… Continue reading Owning