A Favorite Quote

There is a quote by James Baldwin posted in my classroom that reads, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” So many quotes in life are like a compass to use when we are lost. Bible verses help me tremendously as well to live a life of hope and faith. What I like about the Baldwin quote is that it’s cut and dry, black and white. That’s how I need things communicated to me sometimes, hard and blunt like a Marine drill instructor with absolutely no care or concern for whether I’ll be offended or not. If it’s true it’s true, now do something about it. Our culture needs more of this direct language and less tip-toeing around feelings. Life’s not fair. Some are born with advantages and some are born with disadvantages. It’s true. It always will be and cannot be changed. Yet some who are born with advantages squander them while many born with disadvantages work doubly-hard, hustle, grind, fail here and there but they get back up and go again. To change things, whatever it is you don’t like about life, you can’t turtle up, you have to face it.

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