I sat at a lake I do not care for very much writing letters to my lovely daughters. I receive letters from them often. Not through the mail. I’ll receive them when I pick them up or drop them off. Sometimes they’re addressed to Daddy but recently they’ve been addressed to Paparonni. Sometimes they have cute pictures, sometimes not but it’s always fine. And they are always written in cursive. I wrote three letters on 7 1/4 by 9 1/2 paper. I decided to write in cursive too. I could hear my muscle memory and dormant neural pathways saying, Oh we writin cursive? I jumped into the first letter cold. No warm up, no stretching like when I run. Some of the letters I formed with ease while other times it was hard for me to remember how to connect one letter with the other. I forgot how to write capital “I”. I practiced on another sheet. I wrote “Idiot” and “Iceland.” I wrote “I” by itself and it looked right, my mind agreed. Other capital letters that got me twisted were “S” and “G” and “D.” After some practice, I figured them out too. Writing in cursive especially after not writing it in years required much mental focus. Writing each letter to each of my girls required the same attention and attentiveness. I thought of the differences in their personalities and dispositions. I touched on things they like. I gave each of them a spiritual truth right for their age. I told each one of them how much I miss them but whenever you write or say that phrase it is never enough. As I sat there, the lake in front of me and the breeze pushing through the trees, I knew this task of writing letters and connecting with my girls would be the most important thing I did that day. I also realized as I intently thought on each one of my girls, the number of things I think about throughout my day that rival my attention to my loved ones. I’m not content with such competition and consequently, it means reshuffling priorities and purging things possessing space in my mind. I want my children to be aware that Paparonni knows their needs, their wants, their pleasures and that I’m for them. This is a life long endeavor. As it should be.

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