Gas Station Coffee

Convenience store

clerks head nod

there you are

how they know me

so far from Central California?

bright lights

late for work

but these words snakecharm




a hot cup

for less than a dollar

it’s not bad.

Pam works the night shift,

in an hour she’ll leave

to take her daughter to school

and I only know

because she talks loud

putting me in her business.

New guy

Who is you?

looks around

looks lost

looks like Edward James Olmos

but a Boise version

asks if there’s any decaffeinated coffee


I huff, hoity-toity

wearing my gas station coffee snobbery

like a native.

The image “coffee time” by Lindsey Turner is made available via Creative Commons license CC BY 2.0. Changes to the image were not made.

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