To Parts Unknown

When I can’t think or do but stare down roads or watch the walls confusing light for sound crossing days off with indecision the empty sky and lonely road meet who knows where. When days run quiet half future half past there may remain a question I don’t mind and that’s ok; so if the…… Continue reading To Parts Unknown


He manages like someone tending a garden standing looking around down on his knees pulling weeds smashing snails spraying insecticide doing what he can to flourish with green with good soil for tomorrow.

Merced Minutiae

The smell of Food Center renting movies from Bi-Rite Quince’s forever crawdads and Now & Later’s the Candy Store for raver clothes splashing into the lake, a jump from the pier a beach arcade no longer there when Steven Stayner died when Stephan Gray died when Selena died I sat in front of the television…… Continue reading Merced Minutiae